1. Edito dining table knock-down system,
  2. Edito bench knock-down system
  3. Edito bookrack, 5 narrow shelves
  4. Kleo buffet cabinet
  5. Priuli dining chair

  1. DT-EDITO-34006 | Edito dining table knock-down system, reclaimed boat wood ( 225L x 100W x 78H )
  2. PB-EDITO-39002 | Edito bench knock-down system, reclaimed boat wood ( 220L x 40W x 50H )
  3. BC-EDITO-10001 | Edito bookrack, 5 narrow shelves, no knock-down system, reclaimed boat wood, more character of the wood, more rustic, touch of colours ( 60L x 40W x 210H )
  4. BU-KLEO-37003 | Kleo buffet cabinet, 4 drawers 4 doors,solid reclaimed boat wood, marine grade, iron frame and legs ( 180L x 45W x 92H )
  5. DC-PR-CB-PC | Priuli dining chair, black cotton seat ( 48L x 50W x 100H )


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