Fidel living Room

  1. Fidel sofar
  2. Fauteuil deux places chardin
  3. Valentino café table
  4. Vinales bedside/end table
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  1. SF-CHA-18-51S-OWB-CV | Fidel sofa, 3 seater, old wood beach finish, crème ville fabric
  2. SF-CHA-17-23A-OWB-GV | Fauteuil deux places chardin, love seat, old wood beach finish, full grey ville fabric
  3. CT-TAB-18-12-OWP | Valentino café table, 2 drawers, 1 rattan shelf, old wood pearl finish
  4. ET-BDS-18-01-OWB | Vinales bedside/end table, old wood beach finish, silver iron metal

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Dimensions 185 × 200 × 154 cm


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